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Tandooriwala Leadership Team

The Tandooriwala Leadership Team brings together carefully chosen industry experts with specific talents and skill sets. Together, they elevate the concept, driving it forward and ensuring our category-leading role and longevity. Learn more about our team and how each member contributes to the brand’s and franchisees’ success.


They play their roles efficiently under the directions of the leadership team. We do not mention our workspace as an office but call it a support centre where we process each challenge into solutions.

Shajahan M Abdul

Founder & Managing Director

Abhay Nayak

Chief Executive Officer

Chef Anirudh Saxena

Corporate Chef

Chef Sunil Kumar

R & D Chef

Roshan Rawat
(Culinary Certification)

Project Chef


Project Manager

Korean J

Project Officer

Sameer Pasha

Kitchen Design Engineer

Pinky Jain
(B.S. Arc)

Kitchen Design Engineer

Priyanka Paswan

Business Development Officer

Madhuri Patel

Accounts Manager

Raju J

Franchise Support Executive

(B.Sc. Multimedia)

Graphic Designer

Riya Sen
(B.Sc. Multimedia, M.Sc. Multimedia)

Digital Marketing Manager

chef (1)
Shajahan M Abdul
Founder & MD

Hello, I’m Chef Abdul! With my ever-growing love for food and ardent passion for sowing the seeds of different cuisines globally and glorifying them locally, I would love to take you on this exquisite culinary experience right from when and why sparks flew between food and I, all the way on how I kept this blazing passion roaring and making sure its felt and heard. With my Michelin star and global branding experience, I'm just a zealous man who works with every bit of his heart to spread the message of love through food across the globe.

Avaya Kumar

Hello, I’m Avaya Kumar (Abhay). I have always been passionate about the food business. As a die-hard foodie, I used to travel in search of good food to explore new varieties worldwide. With a degree in electrical engineering and is a third-generation entrepreneur in the family. I’m experienced in business expansion, and my strength lies in creating sustainable business opportunities. We are in 48 locations; by 2025, we will be in 100-plus locations. More robust than it has grown, Tandooriwala is the next big thing for an Indian brand to the global demands.

Omkar R Joshi
Director – Business Development

Hi, this is Omkar R Joshi (Omkar). I am a business management graduate keen on helping the needy establish successful enterprises. My specialization is in business development and expansion. I have 18 years of experience in brand development across the globe. I am delighted to be part of the expert team of Tandooriwala, and I assure you of the world-class business opportunity offered by Tandooriwala.

Chef Dharma
Corporate Chef

Culinary Greetings! I’m Chef Dharma, Corporate Chef in Tandooriwala. My responsibility is to design menus and training that enhance customers' culinary experience while keeping up high quality. Submit cost proposals for menu items. Create and test new menus. Provide feedback regarding the food quality of large bulk purchases.

Santosh Singh
Director – Operations

Namaskar! I, Santosh Singh, am a Hotel Management Graduate with 22 Years of experience in the Hospitality Industry. Our Leadership Team orchestrates the work of an energetic and diligent Support Center Team that provides day-to-day operational services to help our franchise operate their business smoothly. Each member is a resource, a champion, a problem-solver, and a partner with an unwavering commitment to your business’ success.

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