Chef Shajahan Mohamed Abdul

Founder & Master Chef

Hailing from Mysore, a culturally rich city in South India, Shajahan Mohamed Abdul or Chef Abdul, as he is universally known, exemplifies his vibrant roots via culinary masterpieces.

His career in hospitality spans almost two decades, having worked as Chef de Cuisine for the World’s busiest kitchens. Chef Abdul has a remarkable foot prints in hospitality industry and has been associated with brands like Hilton, Sheraton & Accor Groups. Chef Abdul has been gifted with this remarkable journey of working as a 3 Michelin line cook to Corporate Chef capacity. Chef Abdul is also responsible in creating jobs for many thousands through his innovations. Chef Abdul is credited with a portfolio of building global food chains in various segments and holds many awards to his name - including “The Best Indian Chef”, “The Best Chef Led Brand” & "Innovative Chef of the Year".

With a Master’s Degree in Hotel Management from France, coupled with Michelin Star Restaurant experience & International brands exposure, Chef Abdul always wanted to improve the lives of the people around him with the knowledge he gained over the years. Chef Abdul has travelled across the Globe & he constantly keeps updating the trends in the industry.

Chef Abdul’s passion for creativity tells in his brand outlets. His zest for life is reflected in his constant experiments with flavours to build a strong repertoire of Indo-Fusion cuisine and establishing it as a global culinary experience.

Chef Abdul has introduced unique recipes for Tandooriwala & has created a world class delicacies from Indian BBQ & world fusion cuisines.

JD : Chef Abdul is responsible for the R&D of Tandooriwala Recipes.

chef abdul

Mr. Avaya Kumar

Chief Executive Officer

Mr. Avaya hails from Bhubaneshwar & he is an Electrical Engineer. Born in a strong and successful business family, Mr. Avaya was a hard core foodie when he joined hands with Chef Shajahan M Abdul in growing the business beyond boundaries. Mr. Avaya Kumar is determined in taking the Chef Abdul’s Tandooriwala business to the global market place. He also owns a successful store at Bhubaneswar where he provides the local foodies of Bhubaneshwar to enjoy all the Chef Abdul’s food varieties.

“I have been always been passionate of carry out my family legacy of managing the business. As I was a die-hard foodie, I used to travel in search of good food as part of exploration to new varieties of food across the world. I visited Chef Abdul’s Tandooriwala at Mysore after looking at their online reviews. I was spell bound with the food served at the restaurant – Chef Abdul’s Tandooriwala for the quality of food, taste, freshness & the presentation. I met Chef Abdul and immediately gave a proposal to become his commander in chief for making the brand Tandooriwala the global brand.


 Mr. Avaya Kumar is the point of contact for all the business inquiries for investments.

 Mr. Avaya Kumar takes the responsibility of implementation of projects & operations as per Chef Abdul’s Tandooriwala standards.

 Mr. Avaya Kumar provides the support to the franchise owners whenever required with proper planning and execution.

Rijesh Christadas

-- Corporate Chef

Vijay Singh

-- GM (Projects).

Ravi Nandan

-- Lead Architect.


-- Head Chef (Pre-Opening & Post Opening Support).

Anil Kumar

- GM (Pre-Opening & Post Opening Support).

Rafi Ahmed

-- IT Specialist .

Monika Mathur

-- GM (Business Development).

Priyanka Sachdev

-- BDO.

Narayana Murthy

-- Legal Advisory.

Neelam Prasad

-- Training Chef.

Laxmi Narayana Murthy

-- Food Cost Auditor.


-- Lead Graphic Designer.

Sedu Prakash

-- HRM.

Karishma Sunil

-- Recruitment &Talent Acquisition Officer.

Mohamed Ashwaq

-- Recruitment Officer.

Sheetal Ram

-- Staff Welfare Management Officer.

Asif Ahmed

-- Franchise Customer Support

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