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Tandooriwala provides franchise opportunities to partner at your location and serve your customers the best of the world’s cuisines.


12 Countries  l  39 Locations  l  11 Years in the Making  l  60 Plus Stores by 2025

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Partner with Tandooriwala as Your Exclusive Franchise Development Partner

We provide the ideal chance if you possess the entrepreneurial spirit, the drive for expansion, the dedication to creating a profitable company, and the capacity to take on new challenges. We are presenting the flagship Tandooriwala franchise restaurant opportunity, where you may become one who invented Dal Makhani, Butter Chicken, and Tandoori Chicken. Our menu is the greatest Indian cuisine franchise choice in India since it features a delicious blend of traditional creations and well-loved classics. We present an unmatched opportunity whether you’re searching for a food franchise or a restaurant franchise.


You may join the flourishing top 10 food franchise market by using Tandooriwala, which is for individuals looking for a reasonably priced food business focusing on multi-cuisine restaurant business. Our barbecue franchise concept offers an economical choice. We are among the top restaurant franchise options because we provide a diverse culinary experience that gourmet food lovers nationwide find appealing.


You will profit as an Indian food franchise from our well-established brand recognition and in-depth knowledge of the Indian franchise opportunity sector in India. The Tandooriwala franchise offers all-encompassing assistance to guarantee your success. Our profitable franchise offers successful franchise opportunities worldwide, so you’re covered whether you’re interested in franchise opportunities in India.

Target Franchisee

We seek dedicated, dynamic, successful food franchisees prioritising expansion and the visitor experience. We want you to use our nationally tested operations system to grow a profitable company.


Join the Tandooriwala top restaurant franchise family by coming along. Using our tried-and-true franchising concept, you may profit from the rising demand for the best biryani business, best kebab business, and best tandoor business in India and beyond. Don’t pass up this fantastic chance to become a great Indian food franchise in India and establish yourself in the culinary world.


At Tandooriwala, modern dining and culinary traditions collide! We are thrilled to extend to you the chance to become a part of the best restaurant franchise in India and introduce the tastes of our real Indian food to your neighbourhood.

The Support We Provide

Tandooriwala is not just a brand; it is an emotion. We at Tandooriwala believe that we are building a GREATER PURPOSE rather than just expanding our business globally. We are determined and dedicated to building a STRONG NATION by creating JOB OPPORTUNITIES, Increasing the ENTREPURESHIP ABILITIES and serving NUTRITIOUS & DELICIOUS foods by preparing in HEALTHY COOKING OPTION in a POCKET-FRIENDLY PRICING. 


Let’s understand our SUPPORT MECHANISM, which makes us UNIQUE BRAND from Others. 

By partnering with the Tandooriwala award-winning food franchise, you boost sales and profits and play a significant role in the job sector by giving numerous individuals regular access to bread. Isn’t that a wonderful sensation? In addition to this, we assist you with:

Brand Identity

Along with Tandooriwala’s brand identification, you also get our outstanding credibility and world-renowned trust. Tandooriwala is the No. 1 restaurant franchise in India.

Advertising & Publicity

We support you by offering recommendations for public relations, media relations, and social media interactions and providing sound guidance for an advantageous advertising plan. Tandooriwala supports creating India’s best restaurant investment opportunities for creating a groundbreaking market presence as a successful restaurant franchise owner of Tandooriwala.

Quality Check Audit

A quality check audit team from the most awarded restaurant franchise, Tandooriwala, head office in your area, will come to see you on the prearranged schedule (weekly or fortnightly), which will be notified beforehand. The restaurant franchise owner is responsible for upholding our high standards for quality, not only in the food quality but also in the atmosphere, which includes intact furniture, correctly operating air conditioning and lighting, a clean and hygienic kitchen, etc.

Superior Food Ingredients

When discussing a food franchise in India or overseas, we provide your establishment with 80% freshly prepared food; the remaining portion, such as pizzas for fast food restaurant appeal or Indian bread, is prepared on demand by our skilled chefs. Tandooriwala also serves great quality fresh food, trending in all major fast food franchises in India.

Lower Cost of Food

When the majority of the work is done ahead of time by our chief chef, there is less food waste and leftovers, as well as less trouble getting goods, vegetables, etc. from a store. In summary, our nutritious and wholesale food production guarantees lower food costs and higher returns on investment. Isn’t that a win-win scenario for any Indian restaurant franchise?

Support for Manpower

Where can one go to find labourers? You cannot go anywhere! This is the most significant benefit of having a trusted restaurant franchise with Tandooriwala. We offer all the fundamental labour your restaurant franchise needs, including managers for the sales counter, stores, chefs, stewards/ attendants, and housekeeping personnel.

Hiring and Training

We provide you with more than just labour for your Indian food franchise in India—we also teach them the newest techniques and assist you with marketing. It guarantees consistent service quality across all of our franchises. It benefits you personally by teaching you the ins and outs of the industry so you can thrive in this rapidly growing field.

Advantages of Joining Tandooriwala

The benefits of designing the ideal company ecosystem make it easier for others to follow. After numerous tries and errors, Tandooriwala has embarked on this incredible adventure, making things possible. Ultimately, you receive a brand that is tailor-made for you.

A Reputable Name

It goes without saying that when you collaborate with us on a successful food franchise in India, you gain access to our reputation, warmth, and name.

Instruction and Assistance

When you partner with Tandooriwala, the most profitable food franchise in India, for a restaurant food franchise, we assist you in training your employees to uphold Tandooriwala’s high standards.


You can expand your chain of Indian restaurants as the highly reputed restaurant franchise in India, a morally-minded organisation, expands. It resembles the development of a banyan tree. We guarantee that, throughout the year, our unwavering assistance will enable your barbecue franchise business to flourish like the lush, blooming branches of our main tree!

Few Risks with Lower Capital Expenditure

Purchasing a non veg restaurant franchise spares the franchisor the typically enormous amount of capital required to open an operation. Lowering operating expenses and loan acceptance rates lowers the risk of breaking even.      


We have great goodwill not only in India but also in the world’s restaurant markets. Excellent goodwill is what you get when you are buying India’s famous restaurant franchise from Tandooriwala. To strengthen the same, all you have to do is maintain good standards.

Why Tandooriwala?

We have the most profitable food franchise in India sensible and adaptable franchise opportunities in the market. We take great pride in the Tandooriwala franchise product line. Despite being a recent addition to the global franchise scene, joining us entails joining a family of committed experts with many years of national platform experience in hotel and restaurant services. We take great pride in supporting both our most trusted restaurant franchises and the communities in which they operate.