Food Court Proposal


Tandooriwala is not just a brand; it is an emotion. We at Tandooriwala believe that we are building a GREATER PURPOSE than just expanding our business
across the globe. We are determined and dedicated to building a STRONG NATION by creating JOB OPPORTUNITIES, Increasing the ENTREPURESHIP ABILITIES and serving NUTRITIOUS & DELICIOUS foods by preparing in HEALTHY COOKING OPTION in a POCKET-FRIENDLY PRICING. 


Let’s understand our SUPPORT MECHANISM, which makes us UNIQUE BRAND from Others. 

Advantages of Joining Tandooriwala

Advantages arise when you create a perfect business ecosystem blueprint, which helps others to follow easily. We at Tandooriwala have made this remarkable journey in which we have made things possible after many trials and errors. Ultimately, you get a brand that is curated especially for you.


It’s a pleasure to share our thousands of achievements, but here are some points below for your reference. 

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