Barbecue Sauce For A Perfect Barbeque

Barbecue Sauce For A Perfect Barbeque

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When someone mentions barbecue, images come to mind, like cooking at the backyard grill, a social gathering, cooking outdoors, and cooking meat slowly over wood and smoke that adds flavor to the food.

Different cooks have different preferences and styles in their cooking. Some prefer rubbing the seasoning, whether wet or dry, before cooking, and some prefer to soak the meat in special marinades that could be sops, mops, and finishing. The preparation and ingredients for marinating may differ from region to region. The preferred wood to be used can also differ. However, no perfect barbecue will taste as good without the perfect barbecue sauce.

Barbecue sauces can generally be categorized by what they are based on. Common examples are tomato, vinegar, and mustard-based sauces. Barbecue sauces are applied to give the barbecue its distinctive taste and prevent the meat from burning easily. In contrast, they are being cooked with the exemption of tomato-based barbecue sauces as they burn easier than other sauces.

Barbecue sauce preparation can be sweet, sour, tangy, spicy, hot, thick, or thin. The varieties are almost endless, making barbecues popular because anyone can make special preparation depending on taste and create his way of serving the barbecue.

Recipes for barbecues can also be guarded. And good barbecue sauces can be purchased at almost any store. But the only perfect barbecue sauce is the one that you can create for yourself.
Whatever works for you and your family can be a great barbecue sauce. So you can start experimenting. That is the only way to start good cooking.

The basics of Barbecue sauces…
Tomato-based barbecue sauce is the most widely used. Some say that it is the most popular. Its popularity, however, may be due to the simplicity of preparation; besides, tomatoes are ingredients that could easily be found. In preparing tomato-based barbecue sauces, the point is to cook the tomatoes very well for the flavor to blend with the other ingredients.

Mustard-based sauces are preferred in North Carolina. The mustard-based barbecue sauce is great for grilling pink meat.

Vinegar is a great meat tenderizer. It is also more acidic than tomatoes. Because of their acidic content, vinegar-based sauces penetrate the meat deeply. Mix this barbecue sauce with chili, cider vinegar or red pepper, sugar salt, and all the other ingredients you want to make it more flavorful.

Barbecue sauces today have different uses departing from their traditional purpose. It now serves as a condiment on almost any table, like ketchup, salsa, salt, pepper, and Tabasco.

However, if you need more than experimenting with food, you can always find great sauces in any store.

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