Restaurant Franchise Proposal

Area Required : 1500 - 2000 Sqft
Total Investment : INR. 38,00,000/-.
Term : 5 Years.
Royalty : 6% every Month on Total Revenue.
Location Preference : High Foot Fall Location on Main Road with Ample Parking.

Investment Plan

Kitchen Equipment Charcoal Tandoor, Shawarma Machine, Grill Automatic, Horizontal Grill, Romali Burner, Work Table, Pickup Table, Sinks, Refrigerators, Freezers, Pulverizes, Indian Curry Burners, Chinese Burners, Deep Fat Fryers, Shawarma Machine, BBQ Grill - Verticle + Horizontal 5,20,000.00
Exhaust& Fresh Air System   Exhaust 500sq ft. Exhaust & Fresh Air Hood, Duct & Branded, Blowers.  2,40,000.00
Operations Tools Various Utensils, Serving tools, Cutting tools, Storing, Serving cutlery, Acrylic / Bone China / Steel plating, Cooker, Biryani Kadai, Gravy Kadai, Chinese Wok, Fry Pans, Sauté Pans, Basins, Marinating Tools, Ladles, Spoons, Spatula, Skewers, Chinese Ladle, Sizzler Plates. Lassi Making Machine, Water Glasses, Water Jugs, Water Kettle, Table Setup Tools. 4,12,000.00
Uniforms Company Standard Uniforms like Branded Chef Coats, Aprons, Kitchen Working Chef Shoes, Kitchen Dusters, Chef’s Head Gear. Manager Uniform, Captain Uniform, Utility Workers Safety Uniforms, Cashier Uniform, Doorman Uniform. (Service Team Shoes & Utility Shoes not Included and can be purchased locally). 1,20,000.00
Packing Materials Eco Friendly Packing Materials with Branding which are Curry Box, Biryani Box, Starter Box, Soup Box, Lassi Cup, Carry Bags, Branded Paper Napkins. 1,10,000.00
POS Software Company Standard Point of Sale Billing Software, Business Analysis, Customer Feedback, Mobile Order Taking, Touch Screen System for Cashier & Inside the Kitchen, Inventory Management System, P & L, Marketing Tools. 75,000.00
Furniture & Complete Brand Interior Elements Tables, Chairs, Cash Counters, Side stations and (Sofas and Partitions if any), Elements for the Brand Tandooriwala Theme- RUSTIC. 6,40,000.00
Branding High Quality LED Sign Board, Running LED Boards, Direction LED Boards, Menu Cards, Flyers, Menu Display Boards, Restaurant Internal Branding Collaterals. 3,80,000.00
Online Marketing Social & Reputation Management One Time Setup, 3 Months Online Promotion with Online Partners 50,000.00
House Keeping & Safety Tools Housekeeping Set, Kitchen Weighing Machine, Kitchen Day Storage Racks, Fire Extinguisher. 1,03,000.00
                                                                                                        Project Cost before GST 28,00,000.00
General Client Scope You will be investing directly for music system, TV, AC, plumbing, electrical, painting, Wall Tiling, Flooring, etc. 5,00,000.00
Franchisee Fee Applicable GST. 5,00,000.00
Grand Total Indian Rupees Thirty Eight Lakh Only(Excluding GST) 38,00,000.00


Return Over Investment

SALES Unit Scenario 1 Scenario 2 Scenario 3
Projected Daily Sale. Rs./day 1,00,000 80,000 60,000
Annual Turnover. Rs./Year 3,65,00,000 2,92,00,000 2,19,00,00
Monthly Manpower Room Rental.   20,000 20,000 20,000
Monthly Rentals @ Rs. 120 per Sqft x 2000 Sqft   2,40,000 2,40,000 2,40,000
Monthly Manpower Cost.   2,80,000 2,80,000 2,80,000
Total Monthly Fixed Costs   5,40,000 5,40,000 5,40,000
Anual Fixed Expenses   64,80,000 64,80,000 64,80,000
Monthly Food Cost 30% 9,12,500 7,30,000 5,47,500
Monthly Energy Cost 18% 5,47,500 4,38,000 3,28,500
Monthly Royalty 6% 1,82,500 1,46,000 1,09,500
Total Monthly Variable Costs. 54% 16,42,500 13,14,000 9,85,500
Annual Variable Expenses   1,97,10,000 1,57,68,000 1,18,26,000
Total Expenses PA   2,61,90,000 2,22,48,000 1,83,06,000
Gross Profit   1,03,10,000 69,52,000 35,94,000
Gross Profit/Month   8,59,167 5,79,333 2,99,500
Project Cost.   28,00,000 28,00,000 28,00,000
Franchisee Fee.   5,00,000 5,00,000 5,00,000
General Scope.   5,00,000 5,00,000 5,00,000
Total Investment.   38,00,000 37,60,000 37,60,000
Return on Investment - Months   4 7 13
Remaining Months After Returns   56 53 47
Total income fo 5 Years agreement over and above the return on investment period   4,77,50,000 3,09,60,000 1,41,70,000
Number of Times the return on investment for 5 years period   10 8 6


Work Flow

It's easy to become a Chef Abdul's Tandooriwala restaurant owner in few simple steps.

1. You must have a suitable location & investment to apply for our franchise ( Your location must be on the main road & visible from the main road. Must have spacious vehicle parking facilities. The space can be available on any floor with lift facility and good frontage, never in the cellar or the open terrace. The location must be surrounded with colleges, famous landmarks, apartments & residence. The location space selected must be a new building & not more than 5 years from the time of construction with proper drainage, 25 KV DG, water facilities & good brands around.)

2. Apply online, only if you have fulfilled everything from the first point (1).

3. Our representative will contact you to assist you with all your queries.

4. You need to transfer refundable deposit of INR 25,000 to our bank account for business feasibility. We will issue the online receipt for the same. If the location is not selected during the feasibility study, we will deduct the travel, expertise fee for the day, stay and food expenses and return the remaining amount. If the study is successful, we will send you the "Franchise Agreement" draft for your reference.

Our Account Details:

Bank : ICICI Bank
Account Name : 9Pax Restaurant Consultants Private Limited.
Current Account No : 056005001414
IFSC : ICIC0000560
Branch : Kuvempunagar, Mysore
Amount : INR 25,000 (Indian Rupees Twenty Five Thousand Only)

5. Once you confirm your interest of doing Tandooriwala - The Great Indian BBQ Restaurant business, you need to transfer the franchise fee & we will be inviting you to our head office for signing of the franchise agreement.

6. We will request you to transfer 60% to start the project implementation and 40% before the dispatch of the goods for implementation of the project.

7. We will take 45 days maximum time for the start up of the outlet operations from the date of your fund transfer towards the project.

8. Our team will do all the local pre- launch marketing activities as well as implement the operations with thorough training.

9. Manpower recruitment and Training is our responsibility.

10. We shall plan grand opening & conduct press conference. Our team will stay at the location for 2 weeks post opening for operations observation. We will visit your location every 45th day for auditing, training and development at our own cost.


Franchising is a method of distributing products or services. At least two levels of people are involved in a franchise system: (1) the franchisor, who lends his trademark or trade name and a business system; and (2) the franchisee, who pays a royalty and often an initial fee for the right to do business under the franchisor's name and system. Technically, the contract binding the two parties is the “franchise,” but that term is often used to mean the actual business that the franchisee operates.

Qualified Individuals with not less than 3 years of any industry exposure or educated individual who is having at least 5 years experience in conducting successful business.

Restaurant experience is always helpful but, if you have experience running another type of business including working with employees and customers, managing cash and generating financial statements, we have a complete training program and manuals as well as field operational staff that can help you learn this business as well as provide ongoing support for you. Business funding from financial institutions may require some restaurant experience, please consult your banking manager.

The cost of the training is included in your franchise fee, which includes training and support at your location for the Grand Opening. Travel, lodging, and food costs, are the responsibility of the franchisee. Tandooriwala does provide ongoing training and support.

Our Collaborative Turn-key Build-out package costs are between 35 Lakh to 40 Lakh. Tandooriwala price varies by location. Our Franchise fee is INR 5 Lakh.

It means we will (a) complete the build-out and/or remodeling of the Unit premises consistent with Tandooriwala standards; (b) purchase and install required equipment, furnishings, fixtures, signs and décor as required by Tandooriwala; (c) prepare the Unit to open for business as required by System Standards in our manuals; and (d) provide initial training as detailed in the SOP Documents. As the owner of the business you will be required to complete some Administrative aspects of your Build-out. These aspects are outlined in our Pre- Opening Checklist which will help you hit the ground running!

The Franchise Agreement term is for five years with unlimited renewals for Franchisees in good standing. Refer to Franchise Detail Document (FDD) for more information which will be handed over by the Location Feasibility Analyst (LFA) in Person after Letter of Intent (LOI) Signing.

3% of gross revenue drafted weekly directly from your account.

Up to 2% of gross revenue drafted monthly directly from your account.

You are welcome to visit any financial institution. We are Small Business Association approved which helps expedite the loan process. We work with numerous lending institutions.

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