08 Nov 2016

The Biryani Pilgrimage

The Beautifully Tempting Hues And The Rich And Irresistible Aroma Of This Historical Cuisine Still Work Their Magic And Engulf Ones Senses. While It Is Largely Believed Biryani Originated In Persia And Came This Way Through The Mughals, Other Possibilities And Theories About The Arrival Of Biryani In India Also Exist. Read More

07 Nov 2016

Chicken Tikka

When we sit down to eat at a wedding or an office party, we suddenly realize that there are only two kinds of people on this planet, Vegetarian and Non Vegetarian. We have obviously learnt at school that a person who consumes meat is a non vegetarian and one who doesn’t is called a vegetarian. Read More

07 Nov 2016


It is perhaps every foodie’s dream to own a restaurant. But until that dream is realized, making and serving good food to friends and family is a good way for a future restaurateur to get a hang of things. Today there are a lot of entrepreneurs entering the restaurant business because of the low entry barriers that the business has. A large number of techies have crossed over from their IT jobs to startup a food business. They have the capital to buy the franchise and the acumen to understand th Read More